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Product / Software

Your partner in end-to-end product development, Ideation, Re-engineering, Maintenance and Support, Consulting & Building intelligent software and products for the enterprise of tomorrow.

Cloud Development

Cloud strategy, Cloud First Application Development, Migration To Cloud, Consolidation & Integration, Cloud Configurations.

Technology Consulting

IT Assessments; IT Strategy & Planning; Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery; Governance, Risk, & Compliance.

Migration &

Consolidation, Solutioning, Planning, Migration(Technology Migration, Platform Migration, Data Migration, UI Migration & Architecture Migration), Adopt.


Who we are

Dynamisch build trust and teamwork to provide the highest quality technology-based solution to meet and exceed our client expectations while lowering the IT cost and risk as we deliver on promise.

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Dynamisch believes that our relationship with consumers and clients does not end with a simple business transaction. As such, we are committed to long-term business relationships and outstanding customer service during, and long after, your project has been completed.

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Enterprise Application

Dynamisch builds feature-rich and user-friendly enterprise applications for all platforms

Mobile Application

We build feature-rich and user-friendly native applications for iOS, Android.

Desktop Application

DSL builds feature-rich and user-friendly desktop applications for windows, linux.

Quality Assurance

An effective and efficient testing provides visibility into the quality and readiness...

Solid Solutions


Whether you seek rapid development of a single application or long-term maintenance of your
entire suite of applications or corporate systems, we will ensure your technology
assets drive exceptional business results.

Product/Software Engineering

Our product engineering services accelerate product development processes by reducing the lifecycle time and thus resulting in quick market introduction.

Payment System

For businesses that typically want to collect/pay funds electronically over their websites, Mobile, Desktop or Customized App, we will provide you with POS,card payments and BankBranch ...

Device Programming

We program a wide range of electronic gadgets or machines, ATMs, Handheld POS gadgets, Android, IOS gadgets and PCs. You can cause a machine or gadget to carry on or ..

Cloud Development

Cloud Strategy, application development and migration to cloud. Dynamisch has comprehensive expertise and experience to build your applications in the cloud.

Biometric / Data Collection

For organization that want to collect biometric/non biometric data from client, members or the public like bio-data, survey, etc, we have both web/mobile platform for it ...

Search Engine Optimization

Software development right from Idea, developing specifications, designing UI, creating app architecture, programming, testing and launching the app.

Our skills

Delivering on Cost and Business Results.

We can help you implement information technology initiatives that will support the long-term objectives of your organization using technology that lowers cost of operations, enhances customer service, and increases revenue. What differentiates us is accountability, standards and processes and having divisions working hand-in-hand to deliver on “Complete turnkey Solutions”.

  • Retail & E-Commercer
  • Transportation
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • FinTech
  • Healthcare
  • GIS
  • Insurance
  • Biometric
  • School

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