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Migration & Re-Engineering

Migration & Re-Engineering

Systems and solutions, developed in older technologies cannot help in addressing varying business needs, hence customization and enhancement is an inseparable part of software product engineering and we at Dynamisch, have the expertise to offer flexible product engineering so that the final application developed can be easily complemented with newer technologies. We go back to the product code and re-engineer the whole product to be adequate with innovative function optimization methods. Many a times, this process is used to fix the errors with any running software that has been developed and Dynamisch offers this criterion of service as well. Our product re-engineering services increase performance of existing solutions to make them more business efficient. We reenergize them with innovative re-development by using advanced technologies, features, functionalities, UX design, architecture, language, framework, platform etc. We help re-developing more steady, flexible, user friendly, robust, and dynamic products.

Detail Process

Each project we undertake, goes through the following process to ensure timely and thorough migration:


It is important to transfer legacy applications to latest technology platforms to keep system and solutions relevant. We address the diverse software migration requirements of various clients by assisting them in moving their applications to latest technology and platform by maintaining the basic core values of existing systems. Our team asses the current system and formulates an effective software migration plan.

Migration to Cloud

With advancements in cloud services offering, many legacy systems are steadily making a move to cloud. We serve as trusted advisors in transition planning, return on investment (ROI) and risk management assessment to help in design and navigate a successful cloud migration with data integrity and quality assurance.